H2017.41.2 - BC Centennial folder, 1966

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British Columbia
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British Columbia
1966 to 1966
Artifact History

This object is part of a collection of centennial souvenirs that belonged to the donor's mother-in-law, Marie Stout. They are objects representing various BC centennials from 1958 to 1971.

The crown colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island united in 1866. One common legislative assembly and governor were established, and the capital was set as Victoria. Source: Tattrie, Jon. 2015 (2014). “British Columbia and Confederation.” The Canadian Encyclopedia. http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/british-columbia-and-confederation/

Century Sam was a cartoon, prospector created as a symbol for BC’s Centennial celebrations in 1958. In 1956 Lawrie Wallace created the idea of the character, while illustrator Bob Banks was tasked actualizing the character. Banks had an extensive career in illustration, working on a range of projects including portraiture, Buzzer transit pamphlets, textbooks, magazines, and work for corporate clients including MacMillan Bloedel, BC Rail, and Air Canada. Century Sam, in his iconic hat, checkered shirt, yellow vest, and chinstrap beard, became a symbol for BC’s Centenaries and tourism in general. Banks also created a companion for Century Sam, Centennial Sue. The figures were used in 1958 and again for the 1966 celebrations of the formation of BC as a colony, as well as the 1967 centennial celebrating Canada’s confederation, and the 1971 centennial celebrating BC’s entrance into Canadian confederation.

Original Owner
Stout, Marie
Physical Description
Vertical, irregular rectangle; folded; front side: multicoloured cartoon image of Century Sam; white crest shape in bottom left corner with “100”, a white dogwood flower, and “1966”; red bar along bottom reads: “BRITISH COLUMBIA CENTENARY / 1866-1966”; reverse side: multicoloured cartoon image of Centennial Sue; white crest shape in bottom right corner with Canadian confederation logo of a stylized maple leaf and “1967”; red bar along bottom reads: “CANADIAN CONFEDERATION CENTENARY / 1867-1967”; inside: red pocket, with white and yellow writing; “ Welcome to British Columbia” written across centre; left side of pocket reads: “The year 1966 is the anniversary / of the union of the colonies on / Vancouver Island and the Mainland / 1866-1966”; right side of pocket reads: “In 1967 British Columbia joins the nine / other Provinces of Canada in celebrating / the Centenary of Confederation / 1867-1967”
paper, ink
Dimension Remarks

when folded

Artifact Part Height (cm) Length (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Diameter (cm) Thickness (cm) Weight
25.70 13.10 0.40
cut, printed, folded

BC Centennial

Canadian Confederation Centennial

Stout, Susan