H2015.9.19 - Photograph, Ted Pappas Jr., 2005

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North Bay
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British Columbia
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2005 to 2008
Artifact History

The picture was taken at Fur Harvesters Furs Auction in North Bay, Ontario shortly after they purchased Western Canadian Raw Fur Auction Sales Ltd (WCRFA) from Ted Pappas in 2005. In the photo are (left to right) unknown Fur Harvesters employee, Joe Matte, Mark Downey, Ted Pappas and Angelo Pappas.

The item was acquired from Pappas Furs which closed its doors in April 2014 after 100 years in business. Pappas was started by Ted Pappas Sr. in 1913 in Prince George where he bought furs directly from First Nations trappers and sold them at auction in New York. After losing everything in the 1929 crash, Pappas went to Vancouver in 1931, and ten years later had rebuilt the business enough to buy the building at 449 Hamilton where it operated until its closing. The business focused on the sale of raw, untanned skins at auction (at the Hamilton location) to international buyers in Europe, the U.S. and Russia. The auction portion of the business was not sold until 2005. The retail/manufacturing side of the business was quite small until it began to take off in the 1980s with the Sylvester Stallone ad campaign and Expo 86. When the retail/design side of the business took off, it became known for its more daring designs and celebrity appeal.

Joe Matte worked for Alaska Fur Buyer and was a bush pilot who flew around Alaska buying furs from trappers and sending them for auction to WCRFA. Mark Downey was the CEO of Fur Harvesters Auctions Ltd when they purchased WCRFA. Angelo Pappas was a nephew of Ted Pappas. He immigrated to Canada from Greece in the 1950’s to work for WCRFA.

1931 – Theo Pappas Sr. comes to Vancouver from Prince George and sets up shop on 327 Seymour. 1932 – Change of location to 850 Granville. 1946 – Theo Pappas Sr. opens Western Canadian Raw Fur Auction Sales on 303A W Pender. It is run by Theo Pappas Jr where it remained until it sold in 2005. 1950 – Change of name of Granville store to T Pappas Furs Ltd. 1966 – Change of location of T Pappas Furs. Ltd to 459 Hamilton Street on the same corner as their auction business. 1971 – Constantine and Theo C. Pappas take over the business and rename it Brothers Fur Showroom. 1972 – Change of name to Pappas Bros Furs. 1976 –name change to Pappas Furs Ltd. c.1982 – Final name change to Pappas Furs Designers Ltd and the brand is trademarked. Store is expanded and the address is changed to 449 Hamilton Street 2005 - Western Canadian Raw Fur Auction Sales is sold April 15, 2014 - Pappas Furs closes

Original Owner
Pappas Furs
Other Owner
Pappas Furs Canada
Framing & Art Centre, 1689 Trout Lake rd.
Supporting Documentation Contents

photographs, newspapers clippings and information provided by the donor

Physical Description
photograph; rectangular colour photograph mounted on white foam-core; photograph depicts Ted Pappas Jr. with four other men in a warehouse surrounded by furs
paper, foam-core
black, multicoloured
Artifact Part Height (cm) Length (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Diameter (cm) Thickness (cm) Weight
photograph 25.30 20.20 0.60
frame 32.80 27.80 1.80

Pappas Fur

Pappas Furs Canada