H2013.15.2 - Gary Cramer 'Too Much Isn't More' record

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12 inch

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1971 to
Artifact History

This record belonged to Patsy Chouinard.

Cool Aid was created by young people, including Ray Chouinard, to offer assistance to young people without "laying any heavy trips on them". It began by offering emergency housing, counselling and assistance during bad drug experiences. At this time, the 4th Avenue area was thronged with young adults who had left home and drifted towards the alternative scene in Vancouver. Patsy studied art in Saskatchewan until 1970, when she was recruited by the Cool Aid to come to Vancouver and establish a pottery factory as an employment project for "transient youth". She supervised the installation of a huge kiln at the Cool Aid Craft Factory, which was established in Yaletown with an L.I.P. grant. Patsy moved in to Cool Aid's main house on West 7th, near Arbutus. The Cool Aid house ran a daily "feed in". This required such huge quantities of rice, beans and vegetables that Patsy finally organized the EAT ME Food Co-op. Anyone could become a member and by collectively buying in bulk, they managed to reduce prices and created access to foods that were unavailable in regular supermarkets. In addition, Cool Aid ran a farm, "Little Switzerland", in the mountains behind Chilliwack.

General Artifact History

Singer-songwriter Gary Cramer was known for his driving rhythm-guitar style and upbeat attitude, despite never having won much commercial recognition for his considerable talent. Cramer's bands included Kootenay legends Brain Damage and Ridge Runner. In 2007, Larry (Lunchpail) McGillivray recalled that "they came up to Nelson as part of a wave of people from California, who were called draft dodgers. Although, most of them weren't dodging the draft, they were just getting away from the weirdness of the U.S. at that time. In the early days Brain Damage was a 'family band' and were also known as the Flying Hearts Family. The band lived on 'Chemical Row" in Vancouver, next door to the Cool-Aid house, which helped broke people with a bed and some food. Brain Damage was together from this time, on and off, until 2006 as two of the members, Joel and Gary had recently passed on". Cramer spent his last 12 years on Galiano Island. [Sources: http://www.straight.com/music/tunesmith-cramer-passes, http://www.pnwbands.com/braindamage.html]

Associated Vancouver Neighbourhood


Supporting Documentation Contents

Photocopy of newspaper article on Cool Aid.

Physical Description
LP Record: white cover, black and white photograph of Gary Cramer, artist's name written bottom left; back cover, songs listed as Eat Your Brain, Make Your Love, Work, The Difference, The Dwarf, Relentless, When I Die of Youngbloods Vice, Forget To Forget, and Speaking Of The Devil, provides lyrics, photograph of Gary Cramer and states 'Featuring Mike Beddoes'; recorded and mixed at Offerman Music in Nelson, BC; photos by Jone Pane in Vancouver, BC; info and bookings care of Red Queen in Vancouver, BC; dedication 'This record is especially for Joe Cramer, Ryan Watt and Dinah Watt and will sound best played very loud'.
black, white
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31.3 31.3
Chouinard, Ray & Patsy